Character Descriptions

Principal Characters:


Chuck C. C. Baxter - An office worker (a warm, friendly, strong comic actor with strong singing voice).


Fran Kubelik - a restaurant waitress (winning smile, cute rather than glamorous, powerful broad range singing voice, good diction.)


J.D. Sheldrake - a personnel manager (the heavy, good actor who sings.)


Dr. Dreyfuss - a neighbor (exceptional character comic, sings one number with Chuck.)


Marge MacDougall - A bar acquaintance (funny character woman, must sing.)


Mr. Dobitch, Mr. Kirkeby, Mr. Eichelberger, and Mr. Vanderhof, quirky character men who sing in quartet.


Miss Della Hoya, Miss Polansky, and Miss Wong, featured dancers who sing and dance "Turkey Lurkey Time."

Featured Ensemble Roles:

Karl Kubelik

Peggy Olson

Sylvia Gilhooley

Dentist's Nurse

Company Nurse

Company Doctor

Lum Ding Hostess


Madison Square Garden Attendant

Eugene, the Bartender

Clancy's Lounge Patrons

Clancy's Employees

Helen Sheldrake

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